Primary & Secondary Containment Tank Coatings

Hazardous chemicals and extreme weather conditions can increase the risk of cracks in metal and concrete tanks.

PAXCON Industrial Coatings can extend the life of industrial tanks by stopping leaks and protecting them from corrosive elements.

PAXCON spray-applied coatings can protect primary and secondary industrial tanks from even the most demanding elements with our flexible polyurea coating. PAXCON polyurea provides efficient protection for almost any project with a vast array of customised, fast-curing primary and secondary tank coating solutions.

Tank Lining Advantages Include;


High Resistance To Hydrolysis and Aging

Extreme Mechanical Loads

Impressive elongation properties (+300% Elongation)

Chemical Resistant Formulations

Seamless Waterproof Membrane

Specialist Fire Retardant Formulations

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

…and many more advantages