Our high-tech specialized coatings provide;

  • Unequalled anti-corrosion
  • Abrasion and impact protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fast gel times
  • Resistance to hydrolysis and ageing
  • Fully washable seamless surfaces
  • UV stability (select formulations)
  • No solvents/VOCs – environmentally safe

Manufacturers now have access to apply PAXCON to productive assets to reduce maintenance costs and increase product life-cycle.

Apply PAXCON to your products to provide your customers unequalled durability differentiating your product through a greater lifetime value.

What Makes Us Different?


Over 20 years of experience. By working closely with our global customers with multiple applications and substrates, we have knowledge that can only be learned with real-world experience.

With in-house technicians and an ISO certified lab, we have the capability to provide the very best coating systems, processes and customer service to our customers.

The PAXCON portfolio of high-performance coatings has unique capabilities, backed by in-house and independent testing.

Brand Heritage

The Beginning

PAXCON, developed by LINE-X as a state-of-the-art coating solution for military and defense applications

outperform 27 other competitors

PAXCON PX-3350 was statistically shown to outperform 27 other competitors in a battery of simulated tests by federal agencies and the U.S.Department of Defense (DOD)

Pentagon specifies PAXCON

The US Pentagon was the first major Government building to specify PAXCON

Extensive Blast Testing

Extensive blast testing performed by Stone OBL – Extreme Load Testing

Robotic Machine

Robotic machine application of UK Government building

Opened portfolio to civilian markets

PAXCON available for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications

PAXCON has a portfolio of products developed and distributed by the world’s largest supplier of high-technology polyurea protective coatings.

Our ISO certified lab and in-field experts work directly with our customers to develop customized solutions for businesses worldwide.