Primary & Secondary Containment Tank Coatings

Hazardous chemicals and extreme weather conditions can increase the risk of cracks in metal and concrete tanks.

PAXCON Industrial Coatings can extend the life of industrial tanks by stopping leaks and protecting them from corrosive elements.

PAXCON spray-applied coatings can protect primary and secondary industrial tanks from even the most demanding elements with our flexible polyurea coating. PAXCON polyurea provides efficient protection for almost any project with a vast array of customised, fast-curing primary and secondary tank coating solutions.

Tank Lining Advantages Include;


High Resistance To Hydrolysis and Aging

Extreme Mechanical Loads

Impressive elongation properties (+300% Elongation)

Chemical Resistant Formulations

Seamless Waterproof Membrane

Specialist Fire Retardant Formulations

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

…and many more advantages

Relining Water Tanks with PAXCON Pure Polyurea

Understanding the Relining Process

Every water tank has its own story. The relining approach we adopt is tailored to the tank’s size, construction method, internal condition, and the specific material we’re working with, be it concrete, galvanized steel, or glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

The Foundation: Thorough Preparation

No matter the tank’s composition, one thing remains constant: the need for meticulous preparation. Before PAXCON coating can be applied, the internal surfaces of the tank must be free from any loose materials or contaminants. This is achieved either through manual hand tools or advanced shot blasting equipment. Once cleaned, the internal joints of the tank are reinforced, bolstering the tank’s overall structural integrity.

Sealing the Deal with PAXCON Pure Polyurea

With the tank’s interior surfaces primed and ready, the next step is to stripe coat all joints. This is followed by a comprehensive application of PAXCON Pure Polyurea solvent-free coating across all internal surfaces. This ensures a seamless, durable, and long-lasting protective layer.

Final Inspection and Activation

Before the tank is refilled and reactivated, a thorough inspection is conducted. This ensures that every inch of the tank is perfectly coated and ready to serve its purpose once more.

Choose PAXCON for a reliable, solvent-free solution that stands the test of time.