ASPART-X Floor Coatings

ASPART-X is a VOC-free aliphatic polyurea and offers UV stability. It is a versatile cold-applied coating solution with virtually limitless possibilities. Whether residential decks, balconies, garage/basement floors or commercial and industrial applications, ASPART-X delivers unparalleled performance. Whatever your needs, your ASPART-X application will protect your investment for years to come.

Available in the following colours: solid brown, grey, white, black and transparent, as well as a wide variety of color combinations.

ASPART-X Colour and Finish:

Application in 4 Steps:

1 – Transparent undercoat:

A clear coat of ASPART-X is applied by roller to the
prepared concrete. This layer does not contain any pigments or additives, so it is deeply absorbed by the support, which guarantees a well anchored adhesion from the inside. It also improves the strength and strength of the concrete.

2 – Colored Basecoat

A second layer of ASPART-X is colored with pigments and thus forms the
base layer of the application. If the chips or flakes are not used afterwards, it is possible to use several colored layers.

3 – Adding Chips

When the colored layer is still wet, the chips are sprinkled on top. Excess material is vacuumed up once the coating is dry.

4 – Clear topcoat 

To create a durable topcoat that protects against moisture, UV, chemicals, abrasions and is easy to clean, we apply 2 clear coats of ASPART-X over the chips. If the surface requires additional adhesion, an anti-slip additive can be added to the final coat.

You can walk on the last layer 3 hours after application or drive on it 24 hours later, making it the single membrane floor covering with the fastest return to service on the market.


ASPART-X Advantages Include;

Slip Resistant


Abrasion Resistant

UV Resistance

Complete Drying In Less Than 24H

Corrosion Protection

Chemical Resistance

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

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Existing ASPART-X Applications: