EPS Hard Coatings:
PAXCON Polyurea Solutions for Superior Protection

Why PAXCON is the Gold Standard in EPS Hard Coatings

When it comes to providing a robust and durable EPS hard coatings, PAXCON stands out as the industry leader. Designed with precision and backed by science, our polyurea coatings are the first choice for artists, prop manufacturers, and a host of other professionals who demand nothing but the best.

Why Choose PAXCON?

Unparalleled Durability: PAXCON ensures your EPS and foam structures are shielded from damage, abrasions, and wear and tear.
Quick Application & Fast Setting: Time is money. With PAXCON, you can coat your structures quickly, and it sets in mere seconds.
Ease of Customization: Ready to paint and perfect for intricate designs.
Environmentally Conscious: VOC-Free formulation means it’s safe for the environment.
Lightweight & Flexible: While it hardens and protects, PAXCON remains lightweight and adapts seamlessly to the contours of your structures.
Fire Safety: Our specialist fire retardant formulations ensure added safety.

Popular Applications of PAXCON Hard-Coating

Hard-Coating Advantages Include;



Abrasion Resistant

Specialist Fire Retardant Formulations

Dries in


Adapts to Follow the Contours

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For achieving the best results with PAXCON on EPS structures, a specific application method using high-pressure spray equipment is recommended. The Graco EXP2 is notably one of the most efficient machines for this purpose.

Typical Application Method:

Surface Preparation: Before applying PAXCON, the EPS surface should be clean, dry, and free from any contaminants. Any loose particles or debris should be removed to ensure optimal adhesion.

Priming: Depending on the specific requirements and the nature of the EPS material, a primer might be applied to enhance the bond between the EPS and the PAXCON coating.

Equipment Setup: The Graco EXP2, a high-pressure spray equipment, is set up by connecting it to the PAXCON material containers. The equipment ensures that the polyurea is heated to the right temperature and is mixed correctly before application.

Spraying: Once the equipment is ready, PAXCON is sprayed onto the EPS surface using a consistent, sweeping motion. The high-pressure spray ensures that the coating fully covers the EPS, providing a uniform and seamless coat.

Curing: After application, PAXCON begins to set almost immediately. However, it’s essential to allow the coated structure to sit undisturbed for a short period, ensuring the coating cures properly and achieves its maximum strength and durability.

Inspection: Once cured, the coated surface should be inspected for any missed spots or inconsistencies. If any areas need touch-ups, they can be resprayed as needed.

The beauty of using high-pressure applied polyurea, like PAXCON, is its rapid curing time and the ability to provide a durable, seamless, and waterproof coating that adheres strongly to EPS structures. This method ensures longevity, protection from environmental factors, and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

PAXCON offers a unique blend of durability, ease of application, and environmental safety. Its fast-drying nature and adaptability make it a top choice for professionals.

Absolutely! PAXCON is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

While PAXCON’s versatile nature allows it to be used on various substrates. Please contact us for specific applications.

Elevate Your EPS Structures with PAXCON

Don't compromise on the protection and longevity of your creations. Choose the best in EPS Hard Coatings. Dive deeper into how PAXCON can revolutionize your projects.

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