Quick Drying Industrial Coatings
for Oil and Gas

Every piece of equipment used in the oil and gas industry is critical and needs to operate reliably. 

Not only is the equipment a necessary component for smooth operations, but it is also something that has had a large amount of money invested. Ensuring that oil and gas assets are protected against harm has become increasingly important.

A protective lining for tanks, floors and vehicles in the oil and gas industry is just one of the things that we provide at PAXCON Industrial Coatings. We understand the importance of these assets for daily operation and turning a profit.

Rather than spending large amounts of money on replacing assets or constant maintenance, Maintenance Managers, Engineers and Drillers can invest in PAXCON Industrial Coatings to protect the oil and gas assets from corrosion, chemical attack, abrasions, and water-ingress, saltpetre and much more.

PAXCON Oil and Gas Applications

Hard-Coating Advantages Include;



Abrasion Resistant

Specialist Fire Retardant Formulations

Dries in


Adapts to Follow the Contours

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

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