Industrial Coatings

With the increased application offering within military and defense industries, PAXCON™ coatings have been adopted into the Industrial landscape. PAXCON™ coatings provide high elongation properties, fantastic tear strength and phenomenal durability. This, coupled with a gel time of only a few seconds has made the range of PAXCON™ coatings an ideal candidate for roofing, tank lining, secondary containment, car park decks and large-scale waterproofing applications. 

The range of PAXCON™ coatings is load-bearing in under 1 hour, providing an extremely fast return to service.
Complex shapes and undercuts can be completely sealed providing a full-seamless watertight seal. 

Industrial Advantages Include;

Impressive elongation properties (+300% Elongation)

High Resistance To Hydrolysis and Aging

Extreme Mechanical Loads

Sound Dampening Properties

Chemical Resistant Formulations

Fully Washable Surface - Easily Cleaned

Specialist Fire Retardant Formulations

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

…and many more advantages