Durable Automotive Coatings

Bedliners • Van Lining • Accessory Coating • Full Exterior Protection

Whether you’re in the automotive industry full-time or just passionate about cars,
we know you’re constantly on the lookout for better vehicle protection products.

At PAXCON, we enjoy providing quality solutions for the protection of all types of vehicles
without sacrificing their aesthetics, in fact, we improve it; And best of all, 
PAXCON is available in colours!

PAXCON Automotive Applications


Truck Bedliners

PAXCON Spray-On Bedliners provide unmatched protection for your vehicle with the toughest, boldest, and most durable bedliners on the market. Expertly sprayed by highly trained technicians, you can rest assured it’s been done right. PAXCON bedliners are designed to meet the needs of every truck owner, whether you’re a farmer, contractor, or weekend adventurer. PAXCON Bedliner technology provides a durable airtight and watertight seal. This means no more rub spots, rust, or corrosion in your vehicle bed.

PAXCON Van Lining

Van Lining

If you need durable watertight protection in the load area of your van, then PAXCON spray-on van lining is the right choice for you. PAXCON spray-on van liners prolong the working life and presentation of your load area. The tough PAXCON coating prevents rust, corrosion, dings and scratches. The textured ‘factory finished’ look helps prevent load shift and can be easily jet washed without creating mould and mildew. We can even spray colours!!

PAXCON Exterior Coat

Full Exterior Coatings

Combining rugged durability and extreme protection with stand-out style — a full PAXCON exterior application is meant for the ultimate enthusiast. PAXCON creates an impact-resistant, watertight, easy to clean, consistent surface. This gives you the added peace of mind to get muddy, scuffed, sloppy, or soaked without worrying about damage or a difficult cleaning afterwards. PAXCON coatings provide benefits that go beyond traditional automotive paint or a vehicle wrap.

PAXCON Accessory Coating

Vehicle Accessory Coatings

PAXCON Spray applied Coatings provide long lasting durable protection for all other areas of your vehicle, such us wheel arches, wing mirrors and bumpers. Our PAXCON polyurea coating is sprayed applied, creating a perfect fit for any shape or sized accessory. The key to the PAXCON spray-on coatings is the airtight and watertight seal, which means no more rub spots, rust or corrosion to any part of your vehicle exposed to harsh conditions. Interior sprays are distinct, durable, and easy to clean.

Automotive Coating Advantages Include;



Abrasion Resistant

Complete Watertight Seal

Textured Surface


Adapts to Follow the Contours

VOC-Free - Environmentally Safe

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