Benefits Of Applying Protective Coatings For Load Spaces.

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High impacts, constant use, and wear and tear when loading and unloading materials from loading areas can affect performance. PAXCON by LINE-X® is an excellent protective coating that can be applied in the vehicle load area to ensure a longer useful life, as it protects from the impact and pressure they are exposed to.

PAXCON by LINE-X® load lining solutions have the advantage of improved impact protection with increased strength and maximizing the performance of load bed coatings, which is reflected in the reduction of costs in services and maintenance.

In addition to high protection and safety, PAXCON by LINE-X® has excellent benefits in its coatings for load areas, including; 

Increased performance and durability

The useful life of load areas is extended by using the PAXCON by LINE-X® coating, as it is a high-tech material that protects the load area from impacts and corrosion, keeping them in excellent condition for more time.

Easy installation that does not affect its usability

PAXCON by LINE-X® protective coating is applied to the surface using special high-pressure, high-temperature equipment by our certified applicators. The application catalyzes in 5 seconds, adapts to any contour and can be done on wood, plastic or metal. Once the coating application on the load area is finished, there is nothing else to worry about since the security it provides is permanent and does not affect the aesthetic aspect or usability.

Improved work environment

Working with a protected load space gives greater security against impact and wear. Likewise, the load will be less exposed to damage since the coating provides a non-slip surface and provides greater protection from scratches. 

In addition to all the benefits mentioned, one of the most essential benefits is the ongoing cost saving. Protecting the load space reduces wear and damage, reflecting a reduction in maintenance costs. Applying a protective coating like PAXCON by LINE-X® to a load space is an excellent option.

The increase in practical life is very valuable and a factor that, in both the short and long term, can have significant savings in maintenance expenses, making the load space capable of transporting more material.

Your best option is to invest in PAXCON by LINE-X® coatings to protect your load space. Contact your nearest certified applicator and quote.

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