Types of Protective Coatings and Where They Are Applied 

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The surfaces of different materials are exposed to damages generated by environmental conditions or those suffered during the performance of their functions. However, several types of coatings prevent these affectations.  

 A coating is a product that generates a protective barrier on surfaces to increase their resistance and durability and maintain their aesthetics intact for much longer. 

Protective coatings are used to coat, restore and protect items made of metal, concrete, wood, plastic, polystyrene and much more. Therefore, protective coatings are considered products adaptable to all types of sectors, and the different types of coatings can be used from the industrial to the creative industry. 


Types of coatings and their protection power 

Silicone, vinyl, acrylic or polyurea are the various types of coatings whose difference lies in the surface on which they can be applied and the grade of protection they offer. 

PAXCON by LINE-X® offers coatings made of polyurea, a high resistance coating technology that provides permanent protection. PAXCON polyurea products are recognized worldwide for the quality and level of protection they offer when applied to a wide variety of assets, whether indoors or outdoors.  


Here are some examples of the performance provided by PAXCON: 

A coating that protects industrial assets 

PAXCON coatings are so versatile that they provide robust protection for industries such as agriculture and mining. PAXCON coatings can be applied to machinery, tools, process areas and many other assets to prevent wear over time, damage from chemicals, bumps and impacts, among others. 


A coating that protects sculptures  

Outdoor items such as statues or sculptures can be an easy target of corrosion, discoloration due to UV rays, rain damage, and other environmental factors.  

PAXCON coatings have proven to protect sculptures and statues. A clear example is the polyurea application to the sculpture “Future” by Ricardo Romero in Leiria, Portugal. The risks of damage mentioned above are no match for our protective coating. 

How do PAXCON coatings help automobiles?   

Abrasion, corrosion, scratches, bumps and much more are consequences that vehicles often suffer, either in routine driving or when used for more extreme routes.  

With the help of PAXCON, vehicles can be protected from this list of damages since the product is exceptionally durable, water-tight and does not crack or peel. 

Undoubtedly, the advantages offered by PAXCON polyurea broaden the possibility of protection to various substrates to guarantee their long durability and resistance to damages that, until now, were thought to be unavoidable. 


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