PAXCON by LINE-X Makes WOW Factories Figures Durable And Waterproof

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At WOW Factory, it’s not long from the idea to the finished product. The company manufactures figures of all sizes for advertising and amusement.


The figures are cut from styrofoam and then coated in one operation with PAXCON by LINE-X to a thickness of 2-4 mm. The PAXCON coating makes the surfaces of the products durable, impact-resistant and waterproof. 


Curing takes just 10 seconds, after which the figures can be decorated if desired. 


The company ‘WOW Factory’ produces oversized figures and letters that are used as eye-catchers for exhibitions and trade fairs. Signs for indoor and outdoor use are also popular products, as are furniture and props for the TV and theatre industries. 


“Only the imagination sets the limits for what we can produce. We can provide fast and creative solutions to any task. And with a LINE-X coating, we ensure that our products have great wear resistance and are waterproof so that they can be used in all conditions,” says Director Bjarne Lynge, WOW Factory.



WOW Factory’s products are made of styrofoam, so the figures are lightweight. They are easy to assemble and move around. The products have 3D effects and are produced in innovative designs at a lower price compared to competing products. 

To find out more about PAXCON by LINE-X, please get in touch using our contact form. 

For applicator and sales information in Scandinavia, don’t hesitate to contact Jens Rasmussen at Line-X Nordic at +45 30 25 56 14 / e-mail  


For information regarding the props featured in this article, you may contact Bjarne Lynge from WOW Factory by phone + 45 41 30 15 15 or by e-mail at

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