Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Building Structures With PAXCON By LINE-X

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The construction industry has many challenges and complications in its day-to-day activities. The equipment and working tools found in the construction site suffer damages that cause significant wear over time. This wear, among many other things, represents a risk for workers, increases maintenance costs, and, on some occasions, decreases the productive capacities of the machines.

For the working conditions of a construction site to remain optimal, it is sometimes necessary to provide the equipment with some essential adaptations. An example of this is ducts and extractors, which allow air with high temperatures to be removed from the working area.

In this case, in a construction plant in Nuevo Leon, galvanised sheet ducts of various diameters were required to extract air at high temperatures.

The galvanised ducts had to be protected to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion when exposed to the environment and impacts common in the industry. Many coatings or paints can not provide these qualities.

To give them superior protection, the manufacturer decided to contact PAXCON by LINE-X, thus obtaining a solution that would allow it to generate added value for its client and guarantee a coating that would not peel off the structure.

Anti Corrosive Coating Application.

PAXCON by LINE-X proposed the application of PX-3350, a pure-polyurea coating that has unique characteristics to withstand highly corrosive environments, to be placed on water immersion structures and to resist high temperatures. PAXCON PX-3350 was applied at a thickness of 1.5 millimetres, sufficient to meet the client’s expectations.

The ducts were coated and installed at the constructions site within the required dates. Due to the fast dry time of only 10 seconds, the application of PAXCON coatings did not cause a delay in the installation of the ducts. Due to the urgency of the installation, the fast dry time was a great help.

With the application providing corrosion and impact resistance, PAXCON by LINE-X continues to demonstrate the unique qualities of its pure-polyurea coatings. For the construction industry in general, there are many solutions that PAXCON can provide to minimise maintenance costs and give longer service life to machines and structures.

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