A new era begins with PAXCON by LINE-X

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We face times of change never seen before in the world, which demands adaptation and resilience to stay on track. Our responsibility as the largest company and leaders in our industry forces us to set our sights high and meet new and more significant challenges.

LINE-X has been a pioneering brand in every way for almost 30 years. The yellow oval logo is recognized worldwide as a symbol of superior quality. Although LINE-X coatings have been applied to different materials and structures, our positioning is primarily in the automotive market. 

With the superior quality they offer, our products and services should have a much broader spectrum. The scope we can achieve with them is unimaginable. Therefore, we must redirect our efforts and, without forgetting what we have achieved so far, take a new step in our history.

One of LINE-X’s sister brands is PAXCON, born in the 1990s and has a long history of success and international recognition. In its beginnings, the PAXCON brand was oriented to the military and security industry. The core focus was on developing products to meet the specifications of this demanding sector in terms of protection. 

PAXCON’s technologies and products are developed and produced in-house at LINE-X’s facilities. This guarantees state-of-the-art quality standards and a more robust product range that provides protection solutions for any need, regardless of industry, segment or market. 

These features make PAXCON the ideal choice to be the brand that represents the new image we want to show to all those enthusiasts who are passionate about protection. It will achieve the momentum our organization wants to give for the coming years.

With PAXCON by LINE-X, we will go far beyond the automotive market. Our goal is to have a wider reach while maintaining the prestige that has characterized our organization for so many years, including that great reputation for reliability that PAXCON by LINE-X has.

Moving forward, PAXCON by LINE-X will be recognized as the new era of our organization. The heritage of superior quality of one brand, combined with the reliability and wide range of action of another, is the key to moving forward in the face of the new challenges that lie ahead.

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