Improve the performance of EPS structures with industrial coatings.

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Improve The Performance Of EPS Structures With Industrial Coatings.

Over time, the industrial sector has strived to develop new ways to protect its assets and products, resulting in several innovations in industrial coatings.

What is an industrial coating, and how is it useful?

The use of hard coatings in various industries has become the general rule since applying a material that provides hardness and resistance to specific equipment or products has brought significant economic benefits to different sectors. Hard coatings extend the useful life of machines, products and structures. 

How to use PAXCON by LINE-X industrial polyurea coating for hard coatings?

One sector significantly benefited from industrial coatings is film prop and theme park manufacturing. This industry works with expanded polystyrene or EPS; a lightweight material sculptors form into life-like scenery, characters and buildings.

The lightweight characteristics have turned expanded polystyrene into a material widely used for manufacturing props, packaging, and architectural ornaments. Adding an extra layer of strength and protection to all these products becomes essential, making an industrial polyurea coating a considerable benefit. 

Uses of industrial polyurea coating on EPS products

By applying polyurea industrial coating, products made of EPS acquire improved insulating, impact absorption and anti-abrasion properties. Some examples are:

– Sculptures

Sculptors can benefit from applying an industrial polyurea coating such as PAXCON by LINEX® as it adds resistance and strength to their pieces, extending their useful life. 


– Film props

Thanks to its lightness, expanded polystyrene is widely used in the film industry to create props, but adding a coating to these pieces will provide greater durability and impact resistance.

Artist Sculptures

– Statues for theme parks

Theme park props and statues are exposed to inclement weather. They must have a weather-proof coating to protect them, making their maintenance much lower and extending the life of the items. PAXCON by LINE-X provides a durable, waterproof, weather-resistant barrier.

Educational Props

– Industrial applications

EPS has become a popular material for packing materials. EPS is easily damaged, so increasing the durability of the packaging can save these industries a vast amount of money since replacing them so frequently will not be necessary. PAXCON by LINE-X is helping reduce costs and conserve the environment by giving the packaging a longer life, allowing them to be reusable.

As it has been observed, using the industrial coating PAXCON by LINE-X® benefits different sectors that work with expanded polystyrene, so acquiring a service of application of this coating is very useful to protect structures and products for these industries.

PAXCON Hard-Coating

PAXCON Hard Coating Advantages Recap;

  • Impact resistance
  • Fast return to service
  • Single coat system
  • Waterproof
  • VOC-Free – Environmentally safe
  • Adapts to follow the contours

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