The QwikLiner polyurea cartridge system turns an old oil tank into a water tank.

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La Gazette de Thiers et d’Ambert, a popular Newspaper in France, recently broadcasted an article regarding The BSM Cuves company in Maringues transforming old oil tanks into water tanks.

The oil tanks in question are already installed at resident properties in France, as this was the primary method of heating homes, with 3.5 million households still using oil to heat their homes in France.

As households across France start to heat their homes in more efficient and cost-effective ways, the oil tanks become redundant, and to comply with French law, these tanks need to be filled with concrete, removed & recycled or given a new use.

QwikLiner - Oil Tank Application (1)

The BSM Cuves company has been giving these oil tanks a new lease of life by transforming them into water tanks for over four years, and the demand for this service is increasing.

There are two methods for relining the old oil tanks for water-tank storage. The original method is a German-manufactured membrane, a flexible inner envelope that fits the shape of the tank. The German-manufactured membranes can take a long time to install, so they are not a cost-effective solution. The second option is a polyurea lining, applied by the Qwik Liner cartridge system. The Qwikliner system takes just 12-seconds to dry once applied. Once an oil tank has been thoroughly cleaned, The BSM Cuves applicators can reline a 3,000-liter tank in one morning.

It is important to note that the water-storage tanks are not suited for drinking water. The residents can use the water from these new storage tanks to water garden plants, wash their cars, and connect to a toilet or sink system.

What are the advantages of a polyurea-based liner for water tanks?

The polyurea applied through the Qwik Liner cartridge system has many advantages, including;

  • VOC-free, environmentally safe to spray
  • Water-tight seal
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • The polyurea coating expands and contracts with the natural movement of the tanks without tearing or cracking.
  • Rapid dry time allows a fast installation.

What are the advantages of the QwikLiner System over conventional polyurea spray systems?

Those that have researched polyurea lining systems will understand that most applications require a highly-priced, high-pressure spray machine for applying polyurea coatings. The high-pressure spray machines, such as the Graco EXP2 and HXP2, heat the A and B components of the polyurea, and send them down a heated hose. The A and B components do not meet until they reach the gun’s tip. As you can imagine, these spray machines require a lot of power and ancillaries, such as pumps, hoses and heaters.

The QwikLiner cartridge system replaces the high-pressure spray machine requirements (and expense) by utilising a two-component cartridge system and a compressor, which sprays the polyurea without volatile carcinogenic parts. There is also no need to transport large quantities of material to each site as you can take the number of cartridges required for the application.

The QwikLiner system has other benefits, which include;

  • Low start-up cost—No expensive equipment to buy
  • No maintenance & no cleanup
  • Rapid cure—Dries in 12 seconds
  • Flexible—Lightest spray-on polyurea system available
  • Will not warp, crack, or peel
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Environmentally friendly—100% solids, VOC Free

If you would like to learn more about the QwikLiner system, please use the details below;

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