How To Choose The Best Industrial Coating For A Tank?

What is polyurea, and how does it work? Keeping the workplace safe and taking care of assets are two constant concerns in every industry. A wide variety of innovations have been born from these concerns, polyurea being one of them. This synthetic polymer was created from the reaction of a diamine, which is an organic […]

PAXCON by LINE-X Makes WOW Factories Figures Durable And Waterproof

At WOW Factory, it’s not long from the idea to the finished product. The company manufactures figures of all sizes for advertising and amusement. The figures are cut from styrofoam and then coated in one operation with PAXCON by LINE-X to a thickness of 2-4 mm. The PAXCON coating makes the surfaces of the products […]

Improve the performance of EPS structures with industrial coatings.

EPS Hard Coating by PAXCON

Improve The Performance Of EPS Structures With Industrial Coatings. Over time, the industrial sector has strived to develop new ways to protect its assets and products, resulting in several innovations in industrial coatings. What is an industrial coating, and how is it useful? The use of hard coatings in various industries has become the general […]

Types of Protective Coatings and Where They Are Applied 

The surfaces of different materials are exposed to damages generated by environmental conditions or those suffered during the performance of their functions. However, several types of coatings prevent these affectations.    A coating is a product that generates a protective barrier on surfaces to increase their resistance and durability and maintain their aesthetics intact for much […]

Factors that generate corrosion in industrial assets 

metal corrosion

Industrial machinery, equipment and the surfaces of structures such as industrial buildings are indispensable elements for carrying out production processes. With the help of industrial coatings, damage to them due to factors such as corrosion can be prevented.   Corrosion is a natural phenomenon, the product of the oxidation of metals, which is generated by the […]

Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Building Structures With PAXCON By LINE-X

The construction industry has many challenges and complications in its day-to-day activities. The equipment and working tools found in the construction site suffer damages that cause significant wear over time. This wear, among many other things, represents a risk for workers, increases maintenance costs, and, on some occasions, decreases the productive capacities of the machines. […]