5 benefits of using polyurea as a hard-coating for EPS and Polystyrene.

Hard Coating EPS Structures With Industrial Coatings

EPS Hard Coatings; Polyurea is a type of hard coating that has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous benefits compared to traditional hardcoat coatings systems such as epoxy, rubber-latex, and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Here are some five benefits of using polyurea as a hard-coating for EPS (expanded polystyrene): Quick curing One […]

The QwikLiner polyurea cartridge system turns an old oil tank into a water tank.

QwikLiner - Oil Tank Application

La Gazette de Thiers et d’Ambert, a popular Newspaper in France, recently broadcasted an article regarding The BSM Cuves company in Maringues transforming old oil tanks into water tanks. The oil tanks in question are already installed at resident properties in France, as this was the primary method of heating homes, with 3.5 million households […]

PAXCON by LINE-X Makes WOW Factories Figures Durable And Waterproof

At WOW Factory, it’s not long from the idea to the finished product. The company manufactures figures of all sizes for advertising and amusement. The figures are cut from styrofoam and then coated in one operation with PAXCON by LINE-X to a thickness of 2-4 mm. The PAXCON coating makes the surfaces of the products […]

Improve the performance of EPS structures with industrial coatings.

EPS Hard Coating by PAXCON

Improve The Performance Of EPS Structures With Industrial Coatings. Over time, the industrial sector has strived to develop new ways to protect its assets and products, resulting in several innovations in industrial coatings. What is an industrial coating, and how is it useful? The use of hard coatings in various industries has become the general […]

LINE-X France Exhibiting at Eurosatory 13-17 June 2022 – Paris – Hall 5B – Stand C18

LINE-X France, the official distributor of PAXCON and LINE-X coatings, will present its protective coatings portfolio at Eurosatory in Hall 5B – Stand C18. PAXCON and LINE-X offer a broad range of innovative coatings, which provide specialised solutions for various defence and industrial applications, from anti-corrosion to blast resistance and spall-lining coatings. The company’s range […]

A new era begins with PAXCON by LINE-X


We face times of change never seen before in the world, which demands adaptation and resilience to stay on track. Our responsibility as the largest company and leaders in our industry forces us to set our sights high and meet new and more significant challenges. LINE-X has been a pioneering brand in every way for […]